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We'll lay out and we'll taunt the moon~
21 November 2012 @ 10:11 am

(Comment to be added)

Also, if anyone wants to drop off some recs, feel free to do so here.
We'll lay out and we'll taunt the moon~
24 November 2010 @ 07:08 pm
 Blargh!!! Why am I so pathetically in love with Glee?!

Haha, I am super obsessed at the moment, I have all the songs, I'm watching all the episode, I'm shipping them like crazy. Kurt Hummel is so incredibly fabulous and he has captured my heart like no other, I want to take him on shopping trips and sing show-tunes together ♥____♥, just seriously SO MUCH love.

Him and Sam need to get in each-other's trousers right now. Honestly the looks they give each-other will cause me to spontaneously combust, Kurt being fierce and then being all vulnerable with his dad and Sam in the shower and the intense way Sam watches Kurt sing and then how he defends Kurt against bullies. Hearts in my mother-fucking eyes people. 

But also Kurt and Blaine are just so adorable and basically I would not be opposed to them all as an OT3 but am holding out for Blaine at present and then Sam as endgame. I'm also a major fan of Artie/Tina and as much as I think Mike Chang is freaking adorable he needs to back the fuck off so they can get back together. I mean Artie is just so awesome, I completely fell for him in the first season, when he sang 'Dream a little dream' I was basically like: asdfghjkl and decided on the spot that I kind of wanted to give him a great big hug and write bad fanfic where him and Tina have like a bajillion half Asian babies and sing to them.

So basically....this show makes me annoying and incoherent and I apologise profusely if this made no sense to you whatsoever >_>
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